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Juli is the exclusive sales agent of Chase BlH2Ock®.  Chase & Sons® A162A is a a unique, flexible, semi-conducting thermoplastic compound designed as a strand filling, water blocking agent for stranded

conductor power cables. Pumped into the interstices of the stranded conductor core during the stranding operation, Chase BlH2Ock® is designed to prevent the ingress and longitudinal migration of water within the conductor.  Chase BlH2Ock® does not rapidly shrink or expand significantly during the heating/cooling temperature swings of cable manufacture and service.This compound has inherent waterproof properties, good adhesion to copper and aluminum conductors, and is very stable. In the heating/cooling temperature fluctuations of cable manufacturing and services, Chase BlH2Ock ® Will not contract rapidly or expand significantly. It also does not shrink, harden or form cracks due to ageing during the normal service life of cable. Ionized (salt) water and high pressure do not reduce the performance of Chase BlH2Ock®. Thus, it is one of the most effective water-blocking solutions for submarine cables. 

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